MacGamut 6 Review
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MacGamut made me uncomfortable every step of the process. I'm running the windows version, which may be part of the reason but MacGamut doesn't make any differentiation in the price.

VersionMacGamut 6
OSWin32, Mac
TrialVery limited demo
Installer2.4 mb
Installed Files1.88 mb
Ram Taken7 mb
Midi BasedYes

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Screen Shots

Site designed with adobe pagemill 3 from 1999...


Oh god a self extracting winzip file? Really?


I have to restart my computer for a demo?


Throws a bunch of message boxes at you at the start after its slow loading splash screen that eats 100% cpu. Here are the limitations of the demo.


Here's what it has to offer.


Presets you can pick from. It's customizable but the UI looks like a windows 3.1 program. $40? Really? This?


Get me the heck out.



The website looks like it was built in the 90s using frontpage express (update, it's made with adobe pagemill 3 from 1999...); a frames page with an annoying background and colors. You get a winzip installer before the main installer, and after installing it asks to restart your computer. Why? For a demo? If I want to see what a program is like real quick and I don't want to interrupt what I'm doing just to focus on your app. Someone not paying attention playing the 'next-next-next-ok game' of the installer could get especially annoyed.

So we open the program and it throws a bunch of message boxes at you one after the other with a lot of text in each. MessageBoxes? Oh God why? That's like making a web app and throwing a bunch of javascript alerts as the method of telling people how to use your program. No one likes being bombarded with alert messages. It then asks you to make a config file. Everytime you open you'll be prompted to find your user configuration file. Why? When you start the program up it throws a splash screen and uses 100% cpu for a few seconds. If you try to close it while you're using the program it'll ask you to answer the question first. MacGamut is definitely not intuitive to get started with. To be fair it does allow a good amount of customization and shortcuts for training but overall I would say the experience wasn't very enjoyable. It's not worth $40.

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Posted on Wednesday, February 11 2009

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