Free Ear Trainer that Associates Songs to Intervals

My free ear training software associates songs to intervals automatically! Try it.

Interval Reference to Songs

Choose songs that you personally know well or you feel are catchy enough to easily associate. Listen mode in the first drop down can help you associate the songs while not actively using the program.

Song NameIntervalReference
Beatles: YesterdayMajor Second (M2) DescendingYoutube
Beatles: Hey JudeMinor Third (m3) DescendingYoutube
Guy Beart: L'eau viveMajor Third (M3) DescendingYoutube
Low RiderMinor Third (m3) AscendingYoutube
Chrono Cross: GaldoveMinor Third (m3) DescendingYoutube
Cat Stevens: Morning has BrokenMajor Third (M3) AscendingYoutube
Xenogears: Valley where...Minor Third (m3) AscendingYoutube
Swing Low, Sweet ChariotMajor Third (M3) DescendingYoutube
West Side Story: MariaTritone AscendingYoutube
Megaman 2. Dr. Wiley's CastleTritone AscendingYoutube
Chrono Cross: (Blah, generic)Tritone AscendingYoutube
Blue SevenTritone DescendingYoutube
Saga Frontier 2: ThemaPerfect FifthYoutube
Bach: Little FuguePerfect FifthYoutube
Back to The Future ThemePerfect FifthYoutube
Saga Frontier: AsellusMinor Sixth (m6) AscendingYoutube
Morning of the CarnivalMinor Sixth (m6) AscendingYoutube
Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2Major Sixth (M6) AscendingYoutube
Chrono Cross: Home Arni (aruni?)Major Sixth (M6) AscendingYoutube
1942: VangelisMinor Sixth (m6) AscendingYoutube
Super Mario World ThemeMajor Sixth (M6) AscendingYoutube
FF7 Tifa's ThemeMajor Sixth (M6) AscendingPiano, Guitar
Phantom.. Opera: Music of the NightMajor Sixth (M6) DescendingYoutube
Il etait un petit navireMajor Sixth (M6) DescendingYoutube
Maman les petits bateauxMinor Seventh (m7) AscendingYoutube
Star TrekMinor Seventh (m7) AscendingYoutube
Pure ImaginationMajor Seventh (M7) AscendingYoutube
SupermanMajor Seventh (M7) AscendingYoutube
Bali Ha'iMajor Seventh (M7) AscendingYoutube
FF7 Vincent's themeMajor Seventh (M7) AscendingYoutube, Original
FF3 CelesMajor Seventh (M7) DescendingMidi, YT, Piano
Nada Surf: PopularMajor Seventh (M7) AscendingGrooveshark
Zanarkand8 DescendingYoutube

Songs not in the program

These songs can also be associated with the interval, but due to limitations of the program, it's hard to make the song association seem obvious.

Song NameIntervalReference
Interval Song - Django BatesAll of them (lol)Youtube
Another Interval song*Youtube
Bulls on ParadeOctave DescendingYoutube
Doogie Howser MD ThemeOctave DescendingYoutube
YYZTritone DescendingYoutube
Jaws ThemeMinor Second (m2) AscendingYoutube
Take me OnMajor Seventh (M7) AscendingYoutube

More Interval Song Associations

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Posted on Monday, November 23 2009