Functional Ear Trainer
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Functional Ear trainer by Alain Benbassat comes in two versions: FET Basic and FET Advanced. A bonus program is given if you donate $20 to the author.

VersionFunctional Ear Trainer 1.0
OSWin32, Linux w/Wine
Installer1.6 mb
Installed Files382 Kb
Ram Taken6 mb
Midi BasedYes

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FET Basic: Author Description

The program establishes the key or tonality by playing a chord sequence, followed by a random note. The user has to guess what note was played. Every note has its own function within the key and wants to resolve to the nearest tonic. The help page describes a method to learn to hear this resolution to the nearest tonic, and so know which note was played.

FET Advanced: Author Description

Based on the enormous success of Functional Ear Trainer - Basic, the idea was expanded by playing two notes after the key or tonality has been established. The user has to answer 3 questions:

  1. What was the first note?
  2. What was the second note?
  3. What is the interval both notes form?

Functional Ear Trainer Advanced Screen Shot



This ear trainer has its unique quirk to it, but it's not feature-rich like the others. The scope is pretty limited.

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Posted on Thursday, August 7 2008

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