Ear Training Software Comparison
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Here's a comparison of Music Theory / Ear Training software. Click the links for more details and screen shots. If you made something interesting or have a related link email my gmail, username JimmyRuska. I will only check windows / linux compatible programs.

My interval ear trainer

Out of all the ear training software my free online ear trainer is the only one I've seen to associate songs to intervals. Other programs just give you a buzz when you're wrong or a ding when you're correct. If you ask how to get better on any forums they'll tell you to try and associate common songs to the intervals. Also I haven't seen any other ear training software with anything similar to my 'song mode' which lets you practice applied theory.

Ear Training and Music Theory Software

Ear TrainingFlash CompatibleFreeNoFully FeaturedMine =)
GNU SolfegePython CompatibleFreeNoFully FeaturedAwesome
EarMaster Pro 5Win / Mac$303 WeeksFully FeaturedAwesome
Auralia 4
Musition 4
Win / Mac$99YesFully FeaturedGood
Ear TonerJava CompatibleFreeNoMany FeaturesUnder rated
TeoriaWinFreeOnlyMany FeaturesNot in dev.
TeteJava CompatibleFreeNoFew FeaturesDecent
FETWinFreeNoFew FeaturesLimited
MacGAMUT 6Win / Mac$40DemoMany FeaturesWorth < $20
EaropeWin$57YesMany FeaturesWorth < $20
InTacus/DictusWin/MacFreeNoRhythm/DictationSpecific, Good
iTrainerWinFreeNoIntervals+ Tuning
Big EarsWin/Mac/Linux$20DemoMehUse Tete
Golden EarsAudio CDs$230NoxUnique
Modal EarMac$20YesMany FeaturesUnique
MusicalGoalsWin$100NoMany FeaturesBad + expensive
ETDrill 3.1Win$70DemoMany FeaturesOutdated
Practica MusicaWin / Mac$125NoFully FeaturedWorth < $50
DolceWin$20YesFew FeaturesWorthless.
PETWin$5030 DaysMany FeaturesOutdated
Ear PowerWin$257 UsesMany FeaturesOutdated
Musiclab MelodyWin$48NoMany FeaturesOutdated

When I say something like "worth < $20" I mean to say I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it. Outdated means the program might have been worth that much 10 years ago but now there's better stuff for free. Practica Musica has a $45 student license but it takes away the ability to customize the exercises. Major feature removal rather than good content / exercises additions to differentiate between versions is just greedy.

Online Ear Training

Ear TrainingOrders of magnitude better than the rest
Teoria.comTeoria.com has flash based exercises.
Learn2hearJavabased online ear trainer with high score list.
Musical MindSeveral java ear trainers made by a professor at Lone Star College Montgomery
Good EarMidi based and simple but has chords, scales and more.
eMusicTheory.comSeveral ear training interactive drills in java.
MusicTheory.netMassive archive of music theory resource.
Doing AlrightJava Based ear trainer with many features.
Ear Training BookOnline ear trainer in shockwave accompanying a college ear training text
White Circle MusicEar training and music product reviews
MusicDNAWeb based trainer for intervals similar to good-ear style
Human BenchmarkSimple harmonic interval test.
Big earsJava Based interval trainer. Very blah / slow loading.
EarplaneShockwave based ear trainer
Teoria.netMusic theory database in English and Spanish

Perfect Pitch Software Reviews

Most people that have perfect pitch (also known as absolute pitch) gain the ability before they're 6 years old, usually not remembering a time when they didn't have it. Learning it later in life has a very low success rate unlike relative pitch where measurable improvement by the day or week can be attained with practice.

Clear-up Common Misconceptions

  1. You do not need perfect pitch to be a good musician. People born with absolute pitch need to do ear training too.
  2. Relative pitch does not ruin your chances of getting absolute pitch.
  3. Reproducing a played sound by singing or by whistling is not perfect pitch, though it does prove to some degree learning perfect pitch is possible. Most musicians can do this. Muscle memory through repetition has trained exactly how you should shape your vocal chords. Muscle memory (neuromuscular facilitation) is not quite the same as the part of the brain you access to remember what you ate last Thursday.
  4. Don't believe the perfect pitch internet marketers. Burge, Graham english, and the new guy with slurred speech, ryan cameron, spend loads of money selling ads promoting their retarded ear training products that offer no more than guess and check methods. Just because it's expensive, doesn't mean it has some exotic secret the savants know, it just means they're spending a lot to spam you with their ads and they still want a huge profit margin.
Perfect pitch softwareMy free program has an option to train absolute pitch under the first drop down menu, scroll down to perfect pitch. It has detailed statistics on your mistakes so you can track progress.
ProlobeMany exercises, features.
Pitch CoachStraight forward with decent features
Flash Perfect Pitch trainer in Portuguese
inPitchtoo simple
earTestI like it but, commercial, messes up my fonts
Silvawood Absolute PitchCommercial, not very logical.
Pitch TrainCommercial, demo, wants money for bad features, etc.
HerkenMissing alut etc,etc. Get it to work and it's still fail
David Lucas Burge Perfect Pitch Ear Training SupercourseSo much fail, so terrible. More hype and bragging than method. Constant repetition of the same sound bites and nonchalant anecdotes. Summary: Associate color, feeling, anything to each note and guess and check using your most familiar instrument. Which color to which note is up to you. F# is twany teeheheee
Graham English Absolute Pitch PowerAbsurdly Stupid. Hypnosis and raising IQ BS.
Ryan Cameron 'Pure Pitch Method'Slurred speech(eg says core instead of chords and other similar derps). CD starts off with pitch verse tone when he meant pitch versus timbre. Mistakes all over manual, mistakes all over the course. Worse advice than just asking in a normal musician forum, for only $100! This actually makes burge's course look like gold.

Useful tools Tools

hearing testSee what's the highest frequency you can hear. It gets worse with age.
Transcribe!Commercial software to transcribe music. Free metronome, tuner and tuning fork.
dan's tunerDisplays frequencies based on fast fourier transforms
AccordeurImprovement on dan's tuner
virtual pianoHigh quality
virtual pianomore simple
guitar tuner
metronome / another
rhythm tool in Portuguese
tone deaf test
Rhythm deaf test
which note is higher
ear IQ bs

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Posted on Thursday, August 7 2008

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