EarMaster Pro
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EarMaster Pro is a shareware ear trainer made by EarMaster ApS.

VersionEarMaster Pro 5
OSWin32, Mac
Cost$30 or $60 / 3 Weeks Free Trial
LanguageMultilingual Support
Installer5 mb
Installed Files11 mb
Ram Taken16 mb
Midi BasedYes

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EarMaster - Ear training software


EarMaster is an excellent software, but the first reaction is to compare it to solfege which is the best free ear training software out there. Overall I think EarMaster is worth the money. Its layout is more appealing and it's a lot easier to use and customize. The gradual increase in exercise difficulty is superior to Solfege's setup.

Most notably, in EarMaster you can enter answers using a microphone and just playing your favorite instrument. It also supports midi based instruments. It's much easier to customize exercises to specific needs.

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Posted on Thursday, August 7 2008

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